Zipscreen – Motorised Vertical Window Blind

Control the sunshine with a remote control.

This roller long lasting and user friendly blind system is designed for your outdoor comfort. Its special zip technology and impermeability provides protection against sun, wind, rain and bugs. The standard fabric is particular screen texture though the transparent texture is also optional.

Exclusive precontraint Serge Ferrari technology involves keeping the composite under tension through the manufacturing cycle. No elongation and perfect tear resistant. Its thinnest and smooth finish will give an aesthetic quality. Waterproof of Soltis 96 (w) provides you perfect heat protection and creates instant privacy from your neighbors.

You will enjoy to shade your place. All materials we use has UV Resistance. Allowing as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare in addition to maintaining the user’s connection to the outside world.

All ceiling covers are made in Europe with a CE certificate and are under 5 years of warranty against fading and mould. As well as ceiling covers, our motors and automation supplied by internationaly renowned Somfy motors from France are guaranteed for 5 years.

Its minimalist profile is modern and stylish. i-Zipscreen brings new values with its aesthetic features and is produced with the world’s best qualified motor and advanced fabrics.

As a special design fully-enclosed motorbox and fabric’s color options will fit your decor.

The zip, the channel and the edge of the blind are all contained within an elegant, slim, aluminum side channel which prevents the blind from drooping and wrinkling. Side channels have self-aligning secure guided movement and all part of the system is made by %100 stainless steel.

It is flexible, easy to operate with remote control and its motorized system is very practical for your comfort.

According to the wind test by Facade Testing Institute, i-Zipscreen is durable upto 130 km/h as the best system in its sector. Warranty coverage is 5 years.

Zipscreen provides many different benefits for your privacy with an excellent Sun / UV protection, great wind resistance, insects and rain.

You may keep out mosquitos, no-see ums and all types of bugs out on all four sides providing on-demand insect protection.

Width (cm) :             100 – 700

Projection (cm) :     100 – 370

Sensors                      Sun Sensor / Wind Sensor

Color                           Any Ral color 

Fabric                          Soltis 86 / Soltis 92 / W96 (see catalogue)

Screen Fabric            Crystal PVC

Control Type              Remote Control

Color                           RAL9010 (White)

Fabric                         Acrylic