Vista – Folding arm awning

Control the sunshine with a remote control *

This classical model is the most economical model of all. It is for the one who do not compromise on quality and stability. The aluminum profiles are rust-free because of its injected shedding material. This most developed mechanism prevents the rain water flown through the apron and keep your area clean.

Thanks to the special dye used in our acrylic fabric, the water is repelled up to a degree of 400mm. Meaning that you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the light rains while sitting protected under your awning.

You can choose one of the acrylic fabric from a wide range of alternatives with different colors and patterns that provide protection against sunshine.

All ceiling covers are made in Europe with a CE certificate and are under 5 years of warranty against fading and mould. As well as ceiling covers, our motors and automation supplied by internationaly renowned Somfy motors from France are guaranteed for 5 years.

With the help of its compact design, the fabric and the mechanism is protected against external effects.

Retractable awning reacts with the help of its tensioned arms. It comes manually operated with a crank handle as standard but if desired Somfy motor can be adapted to the awning making it possible to operate with a remote control.

Slope Adjustment Gear

Awning Systems give users a guarantee of quality with materials used in its series. Remote control in Aluminum awning systems provides ease of use and getting to on or off mode with its quiet operation without disturbing around.

In all our Pergola systems, SOMFY motor and automation systems, which is the world leader, is used. Our motors are free of problems and they are the world’s most silent engines.

Width (cm) :             240 – 700

Projection (cm) :     150 – 300

Sensors                      Sun Sensor / Wind Sensor

Color                           Any Ral color and color combinations

Control Type            Remote Controlled Reduction Motor

Valance                       Flat / Wavy

Control Type              Manual

Color                           RAL9010 (White)

Fabric                         Acrylic