SkyFix is a product of Sky family that is specifically designed for use, especially in the residential areas with the winter garden concept.


At SkyFix, the ceiling is manufactured with “Double-Glazing” or “Polycarbonate” panels.It can be established both as an extension of your house or in your garden, as an independent structure standing on its own feet.

With their opaque and semi- opaque surfaces, the double glazing and polycarbonate panels that make up the ceiling concept inte- grate you with the environment and provides you a delighting living space.

With the side window and door systems that will be integrated into the product, SkyFix can be arranged as a complete winter garden as well.

In addition to that, with SkyFix, an unlimited number of your living area requirements like veranda, car park area and hobby house will be satisfied.


SkyFix should be mounted with at least 4 degrees of inclination from back to front.

Inclination is the main factor that enables the water flow to the grooves without accumulating on the fabric and from there, via the drainage, is discharged.


The dimensions required fro the manufacturing of SkyFix are as provided below;

A: Total width
B: Total projection
C: Frontal pole height
D: Rear height of the system

Stream and Water Discharge Capacity

For each of the 18 m2 fabric area, SkyFix requires “1” unit of leg assy.


First time in the pergola sector, “Disaster Discharge” property is unique to Sunset. At times of sudden and very intense rain fall, flooding towards inside problem which you may observe in other pergolas is eliminated by the “Disaster Discharge” and your area of living will not be affected by the disasters.

SkyFix has an elegant and solid design that you may comfortably use in both personal and commercial areas.

Thanks to its innovative design and options created in use
of area, it creates you areas
in which you may live with pleasure.

Advantages of Use

With its affordable price and assembly time that does not exceed a couple of hours, SkyFix, is a perfect solution for your needs that is both fast and economic.

Apart from its equivalents, SkyFix is the first and only system that provides double- glazing glass ceiling panels property.

Again, different from the likes of, SkyFix is the first winter garden concept that can be manufactured as “ceiling with radius”.

The ease of both heating and cooling provided you with the double-glazing technology enable you to spend moments of pleasure in a living area that is both comfortable and environmental.

Roof Plating

SkyFix uses double-glazed or polycarbonate panels in its roofing.

While the polycarbonate material stands out with its durability and
low cost, the glazed-glass is presented with its natural appearance and structure.

Polycarbonate Materials Basic Data Sheet