Classic – Monopitched Pergola

Control the sunshine with a remote control.

Classic is a powder coated aluminum pergola system with a retractable roof. With its clean and modern design and being available in wall mount, ceiling or self-standing models, it offers lasting and aesthetic systems to make use of your patio, terrace and backyard all year around.

Hidden discharge system and self rain gutter will amaze you by the aesthetics application emerged with the superior design of our experts. As well as carrier system, rain gutters are hidden in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance.

Air and Water Tightness Guaranteed Sealing System allows you to enjoy your garden and terrace even in coldest days of winter thanks to the first-class insulation products and the sealing systems.

Pergola, which is the product of a lasting, aesthetic and minimalist effort that converts all seasons problems to solution, is designed by receiving inspiration from constructive, analytical and universal energy of the art. Aluminum series offers its users a visual feast with all its aesthetics.

Our designers gave a particular importance to visuality in addition to quality when designing retractable pergola series. Finishing details used in beams and columns, hidden water discharge, dual rail system in single-beam used in wide openings are offered to the taste of its users.

100% Sun Protection with Blackout Ceiling Covering.
Thanks to blackout feature, sunrays are blocked, harmful UV rays are blocked up to 89% and the interior space is kept cool and spacious.

The retractable Ceiling Cover is 100% Waterproof and is designed for Rain Protection. Our Waterblock System prevents rainwater entering the enclosed area and leads it directly to the front gutter for perfect water drainage.

Resistance against up to 117 km/h wind speed. With pergola offering the guarantee of Level-11 durability, seasonal difficulties do not disrupt your comfort. Now every season is pergola for you.

All ceiling covers are made in Europe with a CE certificate and are under 5 years of warranty against fading and mould. As well as ceiling covers, our motors and automation supplied by internationaly renowned Somfy motors from France are guaranteed for 5 years.


Retractable Pergola gives users a guarantee of quality with materials used in its series. Remote control in Aluminum awning systems provides ease of use and getting to on or off mode with its quiet operation without disturbing around.

In all our Pergola systems, SOMFY motor and automation systems, which is the world leader is used. Our motors are free of problems and they are the world’s most silent engines.

If desired, lighting systems can be adapted to the ceiling cover which moves together with it. You can choose either Spot Lights or Linear Lights those are installed on the aluminium profiles and can be controlled by a remote control or with a remote controlled dimmer function.

Linear Mono Pitch

Linear Mono Pitch

Avantgarde (Max Projection – 10m)

Elegant (Max Projection – 7m)

Arc Mono Pitch

Arc Mono Pitch

Avantgarde (Max Projection – 8m)

Elegant (Max Projection – 6m)